Beyond Illusion

Beyond Illusion

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Area A looks darker than Area B. But this is an illusion.

Division is an illusion.
In nature, there is no division.
There is only variety; pluralism; richness; abundance.

Division is a human invention; a method.

“Divide and rule.” (Philip II of Macedon)

Variety is natural. Division is learned.

Proof: Children.
They curiously explore variety.
They don’t treat different things/people differently.
They enjoy variety.
Children LEARN division.

Divison is created by focusing on differences.
Focusing on ‘A’ creates the division ‘A’ vs ‘not A’.

Healthy vs sick.
Old vs young.
Male vs female.

The more we focus on ‘A’, the more division we create.
By talking about division, we create it.

Use logic!

Division disappears when we stop talking about it.

If we stopped talking about division, the next generation would not know it exists.
They just would enjoy variety; pluralism; richness. Like children do.

Who creates division?
Who keeps talking about division?

By the way:
Areas A and B are the same grey shade. The lighting creates the illusion.