Wake-Up Call

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As unpleasant as the current situation is, it is the best that could happen to humankind: More and more people wake up. There is a simple explanation. For decades more…

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

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Danish author Hans Christian Andersen published this tale on April 7, 1837. * Once upon a time, there was an emperor who spent all his money on clothes. One day…

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Who Do You Trust?

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To trust a person means to assume that the person acts truthfully (honest). To mistrust a person means to reckon that this person may act untruthfully (dishonest). Imagine a car…

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Out of Proportion

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Where I live, one pound of organic potatoes costs 1 dollar. Consulting a business lawyer costs up to 500 dollar per hour. Imagine an organic farmer driving his trecker with…

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