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“Divide and rule.”
(Philip II of Macedon)

Fear divides.

Fear of a virus.
Fear of disease.
Fear of death.
Fear of infection.
Fear of a second wave.
Fear of denunciation.
Fear of each other.
Fear of (draconic) fines.

Fear disconnects us from each other and from nature.

BUT we are part of nature and connecting with each other is part of our nature.

Face masks have become a symbol of fear, anxiety, and division. Worldwide. For example, they prevent us from reading face expressions, which increases distrust.

Fear and anxiety harm us individually and collectively.

– constrain us physically and mentally
– damage our health
– reduce our ability to think
– reduce our ability to communicate
– prevent us from growing individually and collectively.

A society based on fear/anxiety wilts and dies.

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The opposite of fear/anxiety is curiosity.
(Courage comes with true curiosity …)

Who spreads fear?
Who spreads confidence?
Who divides?
Who encourages curiosity?

WE should counter fear!
WE should spread confidence!
WE should encourage EACH OTHER!
WE should encourage curiosity!