Enjoy Growing

Enjoy Growing

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Each of our daily activities belongs to one of two categories:
– either we do something that we have done before (which is but following a program)
– or we do something that we have not done before.
The former is functioning, the latter is growing.

Functioning is boring. But it is secure.

Growing is fun. But it is risky.

As children we grew.
The force behind this was our ravenous curiosity.
We explored the world.
We disliked rules.
We disliked obeying.
We disliked functioning.
We faced dangers.
We took risks.
We were limitless.
We had tons of fun.
We enjoyed life to the fullest.

Such a life is worth living.

But as we got older, we learned from our parents to look for security and thus to prefer functioning to growing. We traded fun for boredom.

As adults we function.
The force behind this is our fear/anxiety.
We try to preserve the status quo.
We are afraid of losing what we have.
We are afraid of danger.
We are afraid of risk.
We are afraid of change.

Thus, we are afraid of life.

We sold our soul for the illusion of security.

I’d rather drown in the joy of growing than wither in the boredom of functioning.

What’s your choice?