It is Not Enough to Learn to Act Well

It is Not Enough to Learn to Act Well

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There is only ONE way to save humankind: Find out who you truly are.

It is not enough to learn to act well.
You would not be authentic.
It would be like the eagle in “The OTHER Story of the Eagle in the Chicken Coop” trying to learn how to be an eagle.

Aldous Huxley found the most appropriate words for this in “Island”:

“Knowing who in fact we are results in Good Being,
and Good Being results in the most appropriate kind of good doing.
But good doing does not of itself result in Good Being.
We can be virtuous without knowing who in fact we are.
The beings who are merely good are not Good Beings;
they are just pillars of society.

Most pillars are their own Samsons.

They hold up, but sooner or later they also pull down.”

And the ONLY way to find out who you truly are is to get free from being controlled by your programs.
Then the eagle stops acting like a chicken and authentically behaves as an eagle.