The OTHER Story of the Eagle in the Chicken Coop

The OTHER Story of the Eagle in the Chicken Coop

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One day an eagle laid an egg in a chicken coop. The egg hatched and the newborn eagle learned from its peers how to live like a chicken. Life was great – except for a yearning that made it seek. But none of what it found truly satisfied its yearning.

Would it help if someone told the eagle that it is not a chicken, but an eagle?

No, this would not help. The eagle has learned to “be” a chicken; it carries a “chicken program” that tells it how to behave under which circumstances. It feels safe and comfortable “being” a chicken – except for the yearning.

Would it help if the eagle attended an eagle seminar in order to learn to be an eagle?

No, this would not help either. Learning to be an eagle would install an eagle program that would overlay the chicken program. Then it would be an eagle who believes it is a chicken who has learned some eagle behavior, which would be even more confusing than continuing to live as a chicken.

The only way for the eagle to be what he truly is, is to free itself from the chicken program.

Why did the eagle’s mother lay her egg in a chicken coop in the first place?

Because she also lives in the chicken coop and believes that she is a chicken. In fact, ALL birds in the chicken coop are eagles who believe that they are chickens. And this has been so for 200 thousand years.


This is the human condition.

As children we learned from our parent(s) how to live; how to be a man; how to be a woman; how to treat other people; how to do this; how to do that. They did not teach us; we learned simply by copying.

We also copied from other people such as siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. We copied behavior, believe systems, preferences, attitude towards life, problems, fears, limitations; everything.

This is how we got programmed – and continue to be programmed – by our environment. This is why we live how we live.

Our personal human (chicken) program is a unique mix of the programs that we copied from the people we encountered in our life – including fictitious people from books, films, computer games, etc; all in dependency of the amount of time we perceived these people and the depth of the impression they made on us.

This begs the questions:

What are we without our programs? How do we get free from them?

2014 I embarked on a mental voyage to find out. Since then I dig through all the programs that I had learned intentionally and unintentionally, voluntarily and involuntarily throughout my life.

I named the above story “The OTHER Story of the Eagle in the Chicken Coop,” because the usually told story of the eagle in the chicken coop suggests that it suffices for the eagle to hear that he is an eagle so that he can start living his eagleness. But this is not true – just like it is not enough to know that one is addicted to something to be free from this addiction.

Getting free from one’s programs is a lot of work as I know from experience. Even after more than five years I am not done. I do have to deal with 200 thousand years of programming after all. (This is how old some of the programs are.)

The deeper I dig, the more excited I am about what I find. Each day I find out more about the human (chicken) program and how to master more of it. Each day I get closer to what I truly am. Each day I see a bigger and clearer picture of me and of humankind.

I love researching, I love writing, and I enjoy sharing my findings and experiences. This is why I write books and articles.

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