Think Bigger

Think Bigger

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If you want to see the truth, you have to think bigger.

Never stop searching for a bigger picture! Never stop widening your horizon!

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a bigger picture. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than a “Heureka!” moment – such as the one that allegedly made Archimedes run around the city naked. (He experienced so much joy in having discovered something while taking a bath that he forgot that he had no clothes on.)

Inviting “Heureka!” moments into our life is our true nature.

Be inspired by children. No matter what they see/know, they want to see/know more. They tirelessly widen their horizon. They tirelessly invite “Heureka!” moments into their life.

Children never stop asking – until they learn from us to do precisely that. But it should be the other way round. We should learn from our children!

A simple tip to start with: Think bigger in space (such as worldwide). Think bigger in time (such as history).

The above image shows a giraffe walking past a window.