Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call

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As unpleasant as the current situation is, it is the best that could happen to humankind: More and more people wake up.

There is a simple explanation.

For decades more and more rules were enacted. More and more laws reduced our freedom more and more. But this process was so slow, that people hardly became aware of it. We were like the frog in the pot.

Do you know this story? Here it is: A frog sits in a pot filled with cold water. The pot is heated slowly until the water boils. While the water gets hotter and hotter, the frog just remains sit­ting in the pot – and dies. The frog is boiled alive, without fighting. If, instead, the frog is put into a pot filled with hot water, it will fight for its life. It will do everything to escape the hot water.

In the previous twelve months, the temperature, metaphorically speaking, was dramatically increased several times. Therefore, more and more people realize that something is wrong – in fact, it’s wrong for a very long time already!

Those who wake up realize that homo sapiens steadily transformed into homo automaticus, which does not live anymore but functions. It just follows rules. But homo automaticus cannot survive. It will die like the frog in the pot.


The tighter the system of rules, the more anxiety there is. Anxiety/fear is a natural reaction to danger. The word anxiety originates from the word root *angh- (= tight) – and this is what happens in the body. The tightness of the body causes the energy to flow into the arms and legs so that we can fight or flee. But during this state, this energy is lacking in the body’s core, where normally it is used for processes like digestion and healing. In the case of an immediate threat, such as when a lion runs towards you, this is reasonable and is quickly resolved by resolving the situation. In case of chronic anxiety, this energy shift is chronic. This damages the body and causes, among other things, a weakening of the immune system.

It is natural to be afraid of a lion that stands infront of you. But it is unnatural and pathogenic to be afraid that maybe someday a lion could stand infront of you. But that’s exactly what we learn.

Anxiety creates aggression. This is natural too. Aggression provides the energy to deal with a threat. For example, a threatened bull becomes aggressive so that it can defend itself.

The enormous amount of fear in our society creates an enormous amount of aggression. You can see this every day. This aggression is characteristic for homo automaticus.

In many people, the accumulated aggression turns inwards, ie against themselves. It creates diseases or even suicide. In the other people, the accumulated aggression turns outwards. It creates violence against objects, animals, or other people.

This destroys humans and, ultimately, humankind.

Has something gone wrong with humankind? No. What we experience was and is inevitable. Enslavement is a logical consequence of our nature. Because we can lie, we mistrust each other. Because we mistrust each other, we enslave each other. But we can transcend this, once we become aware of it.

Those who wake up and realize this can leave the pot – and make a difference.