Who Will Survive? – Natural Selection Has Us

Who Will Survive? – Natural Selection Has Us

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Who will survive? Since life is a natural phenomenon, there is only one authority that decides about survival: nature.

Nature uses a powerful principle for this: natural selection. Natural selection means survival of the fittest. Only the best specimens of a species survive. On a larger scale, only those species that fit into the ever-changing, endless dance of species on this planet survive.

It would be a big mistake to believe that we humans are outside of this. Nature can exist without us – but we cannot exist without nature. We are the most vulnerable species on this planet.

One of my all-time favorite “jokes” is: Two planets meet. One says to the other: “You don’t look well. Are you sick?” The other replies hoarsely: “I have Homo sapiens.” The first: “Oh, that’s not dangerous. It will go away on its own.”

We should live with nature rather than against it!

Natural selection means survival of the fittest. Who is the fittest? It’s the one who lives up to its highest potential.

The potential of a life form is derived from its natural tools. The potential of a bird is to fly because it has wings. The potential of a fish is to swim because it has fins.

In the wild, all living beings live up to their highest potential. They must in order to survive. For example, all adult cheetahs run 70-75 mph. There is no adult cheetah that can only run, say, 40 mph. If there was one, it would starve to death because it couldn’t prey. This is natural selection at work.

What about us humans?

We modern humans have created a way of life in which we try to escape natural selection. But the attempt to escape death comes at a high price: enslavement and unfreedom. I reflect about enslavement in my book “Being Free” in the chapter “Dead End.”

But we are subject to natural selection – in the current situation more than ever. In order to survive, we must live up to our highest potential.

What is our potential? Our potential is derived from our natural tools. The tool that distinguishes us from all other life forms on this planet is the mind.

The mind gives us intelligence. What is intelligence? I’ve answered this question in my YouTube video “What is Intelligence?” The essence is: Intelligence has nothing to do with schools or trainings. It is the ability to read what has not been written, to hear, what has not been said, and to see, what has not been shown.

Back to the original question: Who will survive?

The intelligent people will survive.

Imagine two humans. The one is stronger, the other is more intelligent. Who will win a fight? The more intelligent one, of course. It will outsmart the stronger one. For example, it could build a trap; or a weapon.

But beware! To survive, you must be intelligent yourself. It doesn’t help to follow an intelligent person. First, you cannot know if the person is intelligent. Second, you cannot know what the person is up to. You cannot trust this person. I’ve reflected on this in my video “Why You Cannot Trust.”

People who have learned a lot have a lot of information. But information is something else than intelligence. In fact, information blocks intelligence. People who have a lot of information tend not to see the forest for the trees. This is the case with many so-called experts. There are only a few experts who are also intelligent and can see behind their expertise to see the big picture.

To survive, you must take responsibility yourself. You must be intelligent yourself. Connect with your natural intelligence. It is within you. Look between and behind what you’ve learned. Look behind what you read, hear, and see. This is your intelligence. This will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time. This is your key to survival.