Why Every Thought, Every Feeling, and Every Perception Counts

Why Every Thought, Every Feeling, and Every Perception Counts

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Imagine running a corporation with 100 employees. Every employee knows everything you know, think, and feel. Therefore, you command your employees with what you know, think, and feel.

What were the implications of being the boss of such a corporation?

This scenario is real! You are the commander of such a corporation. However, you don’t have 100 employees; you have 35 trillion employees. Your body is the corporation; you are the commander; your 35 trillion body cells are your employees.

This number is so big that it is abstract. We hear of such big numbers, mostly in connection with money. But money too is abstract, so this doesn’t help to illustrate it. For an illustration, we need to relate it to something concrete.

Here is my proposal: 35 trillion is 35,000 billion. There are almost 8 billion people on this planet. 4,500 planets like Earth would have about 35 trillion people. The largest employer worldwide is the US company Walmart with 2.2 million employees. With 35 trillion employees, you have 16 million times more employees than Walmart. That is like every Walmart employee was the boss of seven Walmarts.

The central task of each of your 35 trillion cells is survival. Every cell is a perfect healing machine. It permanently heals its decay. As part of your body, it also fulfills certain tasks for which it is specialized – plus it executes your commands. Your body is a big permanent healing process that comprises 35 trillion small permanent healing processes, which are all under your command.

Every life form on this planet is composed of cells. You can see the enormous healing power of cells, for example, after a forest fire. New plants sprout and grow just within a couple of days. This healing power is also in you, and you could burst with vitality and health! If you are not or even suffering from diseases, injuries, or pain, there was or is something wrong with your commands.

You command your cells by knowing. Each cell knows what you know, takes it as a command, and executes it. I explain the why and the how in my book about consciousness (“Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It”).

Your cells blindly follow your commands because they are 100% loyal to you. They do not judge your commands. They do not distinguish between good and bad, constructive and destructive. If you want to die, they will die for and with you. If you want to prosper, they will prosper for and with you.

Your cells can’t distinguish between you and the rest of the world. For your cells it makes no difference if you hate somebody else or yourself – if you love somebody else or yourself. They just react to hate and love. If you wish somebody ill for your cells, it is the same as wishing yourself ill. It starts a self-destruction process. If you wish somebody well, for your cells it is the same as wishing yourself well. It starts a prospering process.

Your cells also can’t distinguish between real and fictitious. A movie, a book, or the daily news can make you sad, angry, terrified. Your cells just know sadness, anger, or terror – and react to it. Everything you perceive becomes a command for your cells.

Think about what this means. What do your daily activities do to your cells and thus to you? What does watching a horror movie do to you? What does watching the daily news do to you?

Every thought counts. Every feeling counts. Every perception counts. Every moment counts.

Acknowledge that you have the sole and full responsibility for your body. You are the commander-in-chief of your 35 trillion body cells.

However, this topic has yet another dimension because your knowledge comprises conscious and unconscious parts. Your cells cannot distinguish between these two kinds of knowledge. They follow any kind of knowledge. Therefore, you are both a conscious and an unconscious commander. (We call the latter ‘autopilot.‘) This makes being a commander tricky. In my next article, I will elaborate on this and explain why this makes your body your best buddy.