You Are the Most Powerful Creator You Can Imagine

You Are the Most Powerful Creator You Can Imagine

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You are limited only by your programs

Lift your right arm.

How did you do it?

You knew to lift it – and it went up.

How did your arm do it?

Biologically you are an ape. Your ape within did it.

Your ape within does what you know. He follows your knowledge.

You can create knowledge with your mind. By creating the knowledge to lift your right arm, your ape within does precisely that: He lifts the right arm.

Isn’t that great?

You are the pilot of your ape within.

You act by knowing. And since knowledge has no limits, your actions have no limits.

You could argue that there are physical limits. If you know to fly, your ape within cannot follow because he has no wings.

With this argument you based flying on how birds do it. Therefore, you also knew the reason, why your ape within cannot fly.

Your mind does not know “I fly” and leaves it to the ape within to find a way to do it. It knows “I want to fly (but I have no wings).”

Do you see how you also know the limitation?

This is why flying is not as easy as lifting your right arm. You KNOW to lift your right arm without any doubt. But you doubt about flying.

But let’s stick to this limited idea of flying for the moment.

There is a simple solution. Build wings.

Since human hands are exceptionally skilled, people did precisely that. They attached them to their arms and tried to move them like birds do. But they found that their arms are not strong enough to move the wings in a way so they would fly. Therefore, people made further experiments. They joined forces. They shared ideas. They combined their creativity onc. One day the first motorized flight was performed.

Are there other forms of flying?

Yes. You can know to levitate.

But then, all to easily your knowledge about gravity may come in and add the sentence “by defying gravity.”

With this, once again you know a limitation that keeps you on the ground.

What behavior is possible for you?

This is but the question what your full potential is. The answer is: you are limitless.

In the book “Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It” I provide a complete chain of arguments for this answer. I explain why there are not even physical limits.

However, practically there is a limit: your programs. The crux is that you have programs that you are not aware of. They also limit you. By getting free from your programs you liberate yourself as a creator.

Gather your own experience – both with creating and with getting free from your programs. However, be aware that you cannot prove that something is impossible. You can only prove that something is possible.

The own experience has the advantage of complete certainty.
(Arthur Schopenhauer)