Book - B Kutzler - Consciousness


Its Nature, Purpose,
and How to Use It

(B Kutzler)

This book describes a Theory of Mind (ToM) and a Theory of Everything (ToE). It is an instruction manual for yourself. I explain in detail what physical and mental mechanisms are at work in you, what exactly consciousness is, and what the nature of our existence is.


Get Out of The Box –
The Method with 99 Exercises

(B Kutzler)

You are controlled by countless programs. They create most of your behavior and thinking. They make the box that is a prison for your mind. This workbook contains 99 exercises and detailed instructions on how to get free from your programs and thus leave the box.


The Mental Hunger of Humans

(B Kutzler)

This book describes your most important source of power. I explain how curiosity develops in the child and how the human box diverts its power into substitute channels. This helps you to free your true curiosity again.

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