b kutzler - book - being free : get out of the box

B Kutzler

Being Free: Get Out of The Box

You carry a lot of programs. They control your behavior and your thinking. They are your mental prison – the box you are in. This workbook contains 99 exercises and precise instructions how you can leave this box. This opens the door to your true nature, your full potential, and the limitlessness of your existence.

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Book - B Kutzler - Consciousness

B Kutzler

Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It

This book introduces a radically new perspective of humans that offers fascinating insights into the nature of consciousness as well as the very nature of reality. It describes the mechanisms that bring forth behavior and reveals the true potential of humans. It is a “user guide” for being a human.

Book - B Kutzler - Curiosity

B Kutzler

Curiosity: The Mental Hunger of Humans

As children we are limitlessly curious and permanently explore the world. This makes us grow physically and mentally at a phenomenal speed. And we enjoy life to the fullest. This stops when we grow up. What remains is a reduced form of curiosity and an unsatisfied yearning. This book shows why, what role curiosity has in this, and how to prevent and reverse this.

This book shows you how to make sure that your children preserve their natural curiosity – and how you can reclaim your natural curiosity.

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