I am a scientist with a doctorate in mathematics and trainings in fields ranging from psychology to nutrition to Ayurveda. I explore the mind with scientific meticulousness and write and speak about my findings.

As part of this research, I lived without social interaction and media consumption for 3.5 years. In the process, I developed a Theory of Mind (ToM) and expanded it into a Theory of Everything (ToE). Both theories are described in my book on consciousness.

One of my research focuses is on the programs that control us and how we can free ourselves from them so that we can develop our full potential and fulfill our purpose as part of the whole. Another focus is a scientific basis for spiritual phenomena and thus the connection between science and spirituality.


A Simple Exercise for a Fuller Voice
It’s simple, easy, fun, and profoundly effective

Your voice is your business card. In a personal conversation, it complements your appearance. In many situations, such as telephone calls, it’s all your counterpart perceives about you. What does someone’s voice do to you? Are there voices that you like to hear? Typically, it is the fuller voices that are perceived as more attractive.

Follow me as I suggest a simple exercise you can do to get a fuller voice. I learned about this exercise many years ago, and it has had a profoundly positive effect on me. So, I highly recommend it.

(published May 15, 2022)

The Necessity and Magic of Asking ‘What Am I?’
The story of the eagle in the chicken coop shows why we need to ask this question and how to find an answer

In 2005, my life felt thoroughly boring — despite a successful international career as a scientist and entrepreneur. I longed to do something new, but I was at the forefront of an international movement. If I stopped what I was doing, many people would be affected. So, I did not have the courage to do what I knew I should do. But things turned out so favorably for me that I could end my career in 2009 gently. I started a new career as a mindset coach. But that didn’t really satisfy me either, and I was quickly bored again. Providence struck once more, and in 2011 I heard a woman talk about her experience exploring the question ‘What am I?‘. I was electrified — and hooked. From that day on, I wanted to find out what I am.

The question ‘Who am I?’ is about finding out what kind of human I am among all humans. The question ‘What am I?’ goes much deeper. It is about finding out what it means to be a human; what the full potential of a human is. With this question, I am not only questioning myself, but all of humankind. The following story illustrates what I mean.

(published May 6, 2022)

A New Mindset About Money to Help You Thrive
The destructive program related to money and possessions

Usually, we learn to save money. If we need something that costs more than we have, of course we should put money aside for it. But saving money because we want (financial) security is just a program.

Let me show you why this program is limiting and destructive. Understanding the details can help you get free from it. I speak from experience.

(published Apr 27, 2022)

Why Did Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi Die of Cancer at Age 70?
The search for an answer leads to a fascinating perspective about cancer

Many consider Ramana Maharshi to be one of the holiest men of the 20th century. Why did he develop cancer at such an early age, when he was not exposed to any of the factors we know promote this disease?

Follow me as I analyze Ramana’s life and death and find a perspective that sheds new light on cancer.

(published Apr 17, 2022)

Why and How Your Cells Read Your Mind – and What it Means for You
This explains intuition, the placebo/nocebo effect, telepathy, and even quantum entanglement

Many phenomena cannot be explained with the usual scientific model of the universe. In the course of my exploration of the question ‘What am I?’, I needed explanations for some of these phenomena. Since I am a scientist, these had to meet the best scientific standards. So I developed a new model of the universe. The insights gained from this proved to be very useful in my voyage of personal growth.

Follow me as I share one of my most fundamental insights. This will give you a new perspective on many things, including yourself, and it can help you on your path. At the end of the article, I suggest some exercises.

(published Apr 11, 2022)

This is Our Purpose in Life
How to experience true fulfillment

Why are we here? What is our purpose? These are fundamental questions of
life. To find an answer, I followed the advice of Albert Einstein, who
     “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Follow along as I share what I found out.

(published Mar 28, 2022)

Thoughts are Not Products of the Brain
Rigorous logic leads to a different an truly transformative perspective

There are correlations between thinking and brain activities. But all we can conclude is that thinking leaves traces in the brain. Hence, exploring the mind by studying brain states might be like exploring an elephant by studying its footprints.

Follow along as I guide you with scientific meticulousness to a new perspective that provides more and better answers, is amazingly simple, and shows, among other things, what the lower self and the higher self are.

(published Feb 9, 2022)


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