Self-exploration serves to answer the question “What am I?”.

You need to find out why you behave the way you do, why you think what you think, and why you feel what you feel. With this knowledge, you can learn to free yourself from the social programs that control you. If you do that, what remains is what you truly are.

I am a scientist, researcher, and philosopher with a PhD in mathematics and training in many fields ranging from psychology to nutrition to Ayurveda. I ended my careers in 2014 and have since dedicated myself entirely to self-exploration, including 3.5 years in self-imposed social isolation.

I conduct this research with scientific meticulousness and write and speak about my experiences and findings.


In What Way Can Animals Remember?
For an answer, we must explore memory

Remembering is a central function of the mind. It is the basis for the “I” experience. Because we can remember, we know that we have a life history. The “I” is the identification with this history: “I am the constant in this life story. This is my history. This is me.”

Follow me as I explore whether animals can remember too.

How We Lose Our Innate Intelligence – and Can Regain It
Intelligence is the human superpower, it is crucial for survival

Intelligence has nothing to do with which schools you attended, how long you went to school, or whether you have earned academic degrees. Our education system does not encourage or support intelligence. In fact, it doesn’t even value intelligence. It only values and encourages qualities such as obedience, conformity, memory, diligence, and perseverance. But these traits have nothing to do with intelligence. Quite the opposite! Besides, most intelligence tests hardly measure true intelligence.

Follow me as I look at what intelligence is, how we are all born highly intelligent, how we lose access to it as we grow up, and how we can reconnect with it.

Follow me as I analyze Ramana’s life and death and find a perspective that sheds new light on cancer.

Why Did Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi Die of Cancer at Age 70?
A fascinating and powerful perspective on cancer

Many consider Ramana Maharshi to be one of the holiest men of the 20th century. Why did he develop cancer at such an early age, when he was not exposed to any of the factors we know promote this disease?

Follow me as I analyze Ramana’s life and death and find a perspective that sheds new light on cancer.

Why the 2004 Tsunami Killed 230,000 Humans but Virtually No Animals
A powerful lesson about survival – and more

On Dec 26, 2004, a tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed about 230,000 people, while virtually no animals died. They fled to higher ground before the water arrived.

Follow me as I propose and justify the most logical explanation for this and similar phenomena and what we can learn from it. I explain why this indicates that you were born with the potential of clairvoyance, and at the end of the article I suggest some exercises with which you can reactivate this potential.

Intuition is Much More Than Just a Sixth Sense
Applying this new understanding of intuition takes you to a new level

In my article/blogcast “Why the 2004 Tsunami Killed 230,000 Humans but Virtually No Animals,” I focused on intuition as a sixth sense. Since then, I’ve continued to explore intuition. In this article, I share a fascinating insight that shows intuition as a powerful phenomenon in a much larger context. At the end, I suggest a few exercises you can do to upgrade your access to intuition.


Who Will Survive? – Natural Selection Has Us

What is Intelligence? – How You Can Improve Yours


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