I have always been passionately curious. That’s why I studied mathematics and became a scientist. Along the way, I became a nutritionist, psychological hand reader, numerologist and alchemist; as well as a dancer, singer and writer.

In 2009, I ended my career as a mathematician and worked as a mental coach until 2014. Then I also ended this career to devote myself entirely to exploring the question ‘What am I’ … I also wanted to combine science and spirituality. I lived for 3.5 years without social interaction in order to concentrate fully on my research. I developed a theory of mind (ToM), which I expanded into a theory of everything (ToE). This resulted in three books; one on consciousness, one on curiosity, and one on being free, see below.

I explore the nature of our existence, consciousness, social programming, personal growth and methods of self-exploration. I have dedicated my life to this.


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