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You do something and you feel that you don’t want to do it. But you do it nevertheless. You function; in your business life; in your private life.

In fact, you function even when you are not aware that you function. You function most of the time. This is, because you were born into the prison of functioning.

You are in the prison of functioning. You cannot smell or taste or touch this prison. It is a prison for your mind. But you experience this prison in form of pain; psychological pain or physical pain.

The following story explains how this prison developed.

One day an eagle laid an egg in a chicken coop. The egg hatched and the newborn eagle learned from his peers how to live like a chicken. Life was great – except for a yearning that made him seek. But none of what he found truly satisfied his yearning.

Would it help if someone told him that he is not a chicken, but an eagle?

No, this would not help. The eagle has learned to “be” a chicken; he carries a “chicken program” that tells him how to behave under which circumstances. He feels safe and comfortable “being” a chicken – except for the yearning.

Would it help if the eagle attended an eagle seminar in order to learn to be an eagle?

No, this would not help either. Learning to be an eagle would install an eagle program that would overlay the chicken program. Then he would be an eagle who believes he is a chicken who has learned some eagle behavior, which would be even more confusing than continuing to live as a chicken.

The only way for the eagle to be what he truly is, is to free himself from the chicken program.

Why did the eagle’s mother lay her egg in a chicken coop in the first place?

Because she also lives in the chicken coop and believes that she is a chicken. In fact, ALL birds in the chicken coop are eagles who believe that they are chickens. And this has been so for 200 thousand years.

I call this The OTHER Story of the Eagle in the Chicken Coop. It is a metaphor for us humans. We function as human chickens. Our human chicken program brings forth most of our actions, feelings, and thoughts. It limits us significantly.

This is why behavioral science denotes humans a “self-domesticated species.”

I reflect on this in my blog post “Who Chose My Breakfast This Morning?”

For more than eight years I research the mechanisms behind this and how one can free oneself from this prison.

I documented part of my findings in my books “Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It” and “Curiosity: The Mental Hunger of Humans.”

More in my articles, books, and videos.


You can free yourself from your prison of functioning (= free yourself from your programs).

I show you how to do it and offer coaching on this path.


Coaching is personal or via Skype.

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About Bernhard Kutzler

Dr Bernhard Kutzler

Researcher, Author, Speaker, Coach

I was a successful mathematician and businessman for more than twenty years.

2009 I closed my business and began to work as a mindset coach.

Since 2011 I explore the programs that control us (= the prison of functioning).

I made fascinating discoveries, some of which I documented in the books “Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It” and “Curiosity: The Mental Hunger of Humans.”

My Research goes on. I’ve dedicated my life to exploring this.

I share my findings and experiences in my books, in my articles, and on my YouTube channel.

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