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Children adopt the behavioral patterns of their parents, adapt them in the course of their lives, then pass them on to the next generation. This is how a mental heritage developed in 200 thousand years since the appearance of Homo sapiens. This heritage is comprised of countless individual programs that rule the lives of people. It has many global commonalities as well as ethnic, cultural, religious, and familial characteristics. Each human has his/her individual mix of programs: his/her personal human program.

Many say that we are programmed – and that we humans have an enormous potential that is buried beneath these programs.

But knowing this is of little use. It is as if somebody showed us a locked chest saying that it contains a precious treasure.

This insight makes only sense if we go further.

How can we open the treasure chest? How can we access our “enormous potential?” What are we without our programs? How do we get free from them?

Since 2014 I dedicate my life to finding answers.

Since more than five years I dig through the countless layers of human programs and work on their de-programming. And I am not done yet. The greatest challenge are the old programs that reach back up to 200 thousand years. Every human carries them, hence we consider the respective behaviors as “natural.” But they are only the result of programs. Each day I find out more about these programs and how to get free from them. Each day I get closer to what I truly am, ie what I am without the programs.

Going through this intensive work is the only way to find the treasure. It is the only way to unlock the “enormous potential.”

I write and speak about my findings and experiences: in my books, in my articles, on my YouTube channel, and on this blog.


I offer individual coaching sessions for people who want to get free from their programs.

Coaching sessions can be personal or via Skype.


Bernhard Kutzler

Dr Bernhard Kutzler

Researcher, Author, Speaker

I am passionately curious.
I love researching.
I love exploring.

For over twenty years I was a successful mathematician and business leader. In 2014 I gave up my career, said good-bye to family and friends, and started to explore what/who we humans are without the behaviors that we learned throughout life, which are our programs/conditionings. I lived for 3.5 years with no social interaction and no print or electronic media in order to fully focus on my research. I made fascinating discoveries, some of which I documented in the books “Consciousness: Its Nature, Purpose, and How to Use It” and “Neugier: Der geistige Hunger des Menschen.”

My Research goes on. I’ve dedicated my life to exploring this.

I love to write and I enjoy sharing my findings and experiences in my books, on my blog, and on my YouTube channel.


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