I am a scientist with a doctorate in mathematics and trainings in fields ranging from psychology to nutrition to Ayurveda. I explore the mind with scientific meticulousness and write and speak about my findings.

As part of this research, I lived without social interaction and media consumption for 3.5 years. In the process, I developed a Theory of Mind (ToM) and expanded it into a Theory of Everything (ToE). Both theories are described in my book on consciousness.

One of my research focuses is on the programs that control us and how we can free ourselves from them so that we can develop our full potential and fulfill our purpose as part of the whole. Another focus is a scientific basis for spiritual phenomena and thus the connection between science and spirituality.


Who Will Survive When the Going Gets Tough?
Ultimately, we are subject to natural selection

Since life is a natural phenomenon, there is only one authority that decides about survival: nature. Nature uses a powerful principle for this: natural selection. Natural selection means survival of the fittest. Only the best specimens of a species survive. On a larger scale, only those species that fit into the ever-changing, endless dance of species on this planet survive.

It would be a big mistake to believe that we humans are outside of this. Nature can exist without us — but we cannot exist without nature. We are the most vulnerable species on this planet. One of my all-time favorite “jokes” is: Two planets meet. One says to the other: “You don’t look well. Are you sick?” The other replies hoarsely: “I have Homo sapiens.” The first planet counters: “Oh, that’s not dangerous. It will go away on its own.”

(published Sep 1, 2022)

Why and How Your Body Helps You Free Yourself From Your Programs
Your body is your best buddy!

In „Why and How You Have Much More Influence on Your Body Than You Think,” I explained why and how you are the commander of your 35 trillion bodycells. You command them with what you know, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

There is yet another dimension to this, which makes your body your best buddy.

(published Aug 29, 2022)

Why and How You Have Much More Influence on Your Body Than You Think
You are the commander-in-chief

Imagine running a corporation with 100 employees. Every employee knows everything you know, think, and feel. Therefore, you command your employees with what you know, think, and feel.

Think about the implications of being the CEO of such a corporation.

(published Aug 28, 2022)

Learn From a Tough Lesson My Body Taught Me
The longer you are on the path of personal growth, the easier it can happen to you what happened to me

After more than ten years on the path of freeing myself from my programs, I gradually slipped into a state of mind that prevented me from making further progress. Having been on the path for so long, during which time my body had become my best guide, this triggered a strong body reaction when the time was right. The challenge was to understand the message.

Follow along as I share how things became difficult and how I found the solution. Hearing my story may help you if you find yourself in a simliar situation one day.

(published Jul 23, 2022)

Intuition is Much More Than Just a Sixth Sense
Applying this new understanding of intuition takes you to a new level

In my article “Why the 2004 Tsunami Killed 230,000 Humans but Virtually No Animals,” I focused on intuition as a sixth sense. Since then, I’ve continued to explore intuition. In this article, I share a fascinating insight that shows intuition as a powerful phenomenon in a much larger context. At the end, I suggest a few exercises you can do to upgrade your access to intuition.

(published Jun 24, 2022)

Why Did Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi Die of Cancer at Age 70?
A fascinating and powerful perspective on cancer

Many consider Ramana Maharshi to be one of the holiest men of the 20th century. Why did he develop cancer at such an early age, when he was not exposed to any of the factors we know promote this disease?

Follow me as I analyze Ramana’s life and death and find a perspective that sheds new light on cancer.

(published Apr 17, 2022)


Who Will Survive? – Natural Selection Has Us

What is Intelligence? – How You Can Improve Yours


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